Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kwan Inn Vegetarian Restaurant @ Tg Katong

Ms Veg has previously mentioned that Kwan Inn Veg Restaurant is opening this month and since i work nearby, decided to go over for lunch this week.
Located along the same road as North South East West Veg Restaurant, this new opening does pose as a strong competitor to North South East West, but they serve very different dishes to begin with.

Restaurant Front

Quite easy to spot as you pass by the road, it is not very accessible for drivers as there are no public carparks nearby. The nearest is behind the petrol station which is 5-10mins walk away.

Inside the Restaurant

It is not a very huge place, but should be able to accommodate up to 50 pax, and its suitable for a small party for cozy meet up or celebrations.

The menu has a wide selection of chinese cuisines and Ms Veg decided to try 3 dishes with the soup of the day.
Veg Goose $12
 This is not your usual mock meat. The "Goose" was made of Beancurd skins. It is unknown if "coloring" was used but it does reminds me of the same dish I had during the “金山格" days. 新佛界 The restaurant at jalan besar serves this dish as well. Would be better if there's mushrooms between the beancurd sheets. Nonetheless, its a yummy dish.

Pumpkin Brown Rice $9
I think this is the most worth dish of the day! The pumpkim was really soft and sweet and tasted perfect with the brown rice. Yums. 

Soup of the Day *8 Treasures Soup $10
Drools~ Super yummy as the tonics were brewed for hours bringing out the ultimate flavors of this yummy soup. Homemade feel and you will love it even more on rainy days.

Fresh Kai Lan with Ginger Sauce $10
Nothing can go wrong with Green Veg except that it was a little oily. 

Overall it was a wonderful yummy experience at Kwan Inn Veg Restaurant and Ms Veg will certainly revisit again. Note that we only ordered all the "Small" dishes but this 三菜一汤 is more than enough for a family of 4~. Recommended to call before going on weekends as they do have supportive regular customers. Ms Veg hopes they will have brisk business too!

Location: 336/338 Tanjong Katong Road S(437110)
Tel: 6348 2770
Operating Hours: 11-3pm; 6-10pm (Daily)

Name Card
 Ms Veg spotted the back of the namecard with linkage to "Xin Man Yuan", "MiaoYi" and "Clover 8" so it is unknown if they are all linked. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The R.E.A.L HUT @ Sims Place

Real Hut has been around for quite some time and Ms Veg has never been there until one day I brought my parents there. Am pleasantly surprised to find a good eatery near my work place! The Real Hut is conceived the passion of the owners who have the desire to create plant based diet for better lifestyles, harmony and spiritual peace. I was a little skeptical initially as I thought the food served would be bland and super healthy. Ms veg has to admit that I am not a very healthy eater to be begin with. Am surprised that not only the food served at The Real Hut is tasty, there is little or no Mock used as well!
Chalk Board in the Cafe
The Real Hut is a small cafe located at Sims Place, within the Vicinity of HDB blocks,

Small little Cozy cafe that should be able to accommodate to 30pax.

Small Menu with many choices.
You may refer to the full menu here:

Burdock Burger $8.90
My mum had the burdock burger, cute that the bread is a submarine shape. The Burdock patty was chewy as well.

 Beancurd Roll Dried Noodles $8.90
I had this which is the special of the day, Not found in the Menu. The Beancurd Roll was the real CHARM! I thought 3 pieces were not enough for me. 

 Sides for Set Meal: Fresh Fungus
This was part of the sides for my Dad's set meal.

Xiang Chun Noodles $12.90 
Dad commented it was one of the healthiest meal he had. Not oily, and fragrant.

Soup was Carrot and Potato soup. Quite bland, but I guess no MSG was used. It would be good if the western soup could be served for the burger instead of this clear soup.

The last was Truffle Fries, which I didnt have a picture! The truffle fries was simply yummy. Yes its deep fried, but it left a yummy impression. 

All in All, it was a nice cozy experience dining at The Real Hut. I must admit the prices are not very economical, The 3 of us spent $36 for 3 meals and a side. However, for an ocassional cleanse and healthy eating (minus the fried stuff), its worth a visit.

Location: Blk 46 Sims Place, #01-197, Singapore 380046
Tel: 6846 9976
Opening hours:
Mon, Tue, Thu - Sun: 11am - 8.30pm* 
Wed & PH: Closed
(Should the 1st or 15th of the lunar months falls on a Wednesday, the cafe will be opened on Wednesday and closed on Thursday instead.)
*Last order at 8pm.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Soyato IceCream ~ Guilt Free~

I've long heard about Soyato but never had a chance to try it. Hence am very excited when I heard about their new SG50 flavours!
Soyato is a local ice cream business created by a couple Alan and Verlene in Singapore. Instead of the normal Milk, Cream, Eggs and Palm oil found in ice cream, Soyato comprise of Soy Bean Milk, Prebiotic Inulin, Soy Bean Oils instead. Its basically Vegan, Guilt and Fat Free!
Am surprised that Soyato has gone International with stores selling them in France and Papua New Guinea too!
New SG 50 Flavors!

New flavors comprise of Salted Gula Melaka Coconut, Red Velvet, Chocolate Orange with Orange Peel and Red Bean Coconut.

Ms Veg's favorite of all is the Gula Melaka as it blends well with the coconut flavor! If you are into red velvet cake, the red velvet ice cream taste is very distinct
One thing I noticed was all these ice cream were not too sweet as they use nothing but natural ingredients only. It is very suitable for children! 

The Original Designs of the Soyato Boxes are very attractive too. Each Pint is 473ML, Costs $10.50 Per pint! Cup Size are available for their Artisal flavors as well (100ML @ $3 per cup)

There's also free delivery locally for orders $25 and above. I Cant wait to try the Wickedly Chocolate Flavor too!

If you are an ice cream fanatic but still worried about the weight gain, Soyato is a good alternative.

Location: Fairprice, FairpriceXtra, Isetan Singapore!findsoyato/cfvg!estore/ce6n

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Elemen 元素 Vegetarian Restaurant @ Millenia Walk

Here's a new post for Elemen元素 after a long hiatus. Elemen元素 is a newly open vegetarian restaurant and Ms Veg is really lucky to have gone there twice in a week. Both were to celebrate my upcoming birthday.
This Restaurant is operated as a subsidiary of the Koufu Management and its heartening to see brisk business despite minimal or no media attention. I was alerted to this place by a friend who works nearby and he decided to buy me a meal here.

The Restaurant front
Nicely decorated!
Interior Deco of the Restaurant
Ms veg thinks should be able to sit around 50-60 pax full capacity. The good news is, they are opening a new outlet in Thomson too! Its heartening to see more people are receptive to vegetarian dining.
The Menu~
 Nicely designed.
This is one strong competitor for Sufood! Elemen serves either a 5 or 8 course meal - the same as how it works for Sufood. Theres quite a wide selection of choices for each category and unlike sufood that specializes more in Italian Vegetarian food, Elemen ventures more into fusion cusine where they offer Japanese, Chinese and Western choices. The 5 course meal costs $23.80++ per pax while the 8 course meal costs $32.80++ per pax. The 8 course meal is slightly more expensive compared to Sufood. Note to all: Some dishes may contain Dairy, Garlic, Onions. It is not written in the menu. Hence you may want to inform them of your dietary requirements before ordering.

As I went twice in a week, I tried almost all the dishes available.

Elemen Appetizer
Starting from Right to Left. The Cucumber is filled with Mash Potato and served with a special sauce. The middle was so good, i couldnt make out that it was actually Black Sesame Tofu! The last item on the left was cherry tomato in Plum Sauce. Ms veg loves it as its sour! 

Rosemary Bread Sticks
The bread sticks were served hot, and tastes yummy with the raspberry sauce.

Fruit Salad
We decide to order every single salad on the menu as we ordered 6 sets on my 2nd visit! My nephew loves the fruits, so theres nothing to complain about. Freshly cut and served.

Avocado Salad
Avocado Salad - Ms Veg's Favorite! The veg were very fresh and the sauce is a perfect blend with the avocado. The sesame sauce may not be suitable for vegans.
Quinoa Salad
 Quinoa Salad - Healthy!
Mushroom Salad
Mushroom Salad - I loved it too. Ms veg has no idea whats the third mushroom on the right, but it was really juicy. Sauce tasted like soya sauce but i believe theres more than soya sauce.

There were 4 choices as well - 2 chinese soups and 2 western choices.

Burdock Soup
Very strong taste and Yummy. However, if you order together with the Maca Soup, this strong taste would overcome the later.
 Maca Soup
We were recommended by the Manager to try this, especially its good for the gentlemen as it comprises of some tonics in the soup. Tasty as well.

Pumpkin Soup
Really good. A must try. I liked the "apple"deco.
Mushroom Soup with white Truffle Oil
Yums. Again, this is Ms Veg's favorite. The truffle oil gave the soup an extra boost. My little nephew love it and finished a bowl all my himself!

Apple Cider (apologies for the lack of pic) was not bad, sour and refreshing.

The Mains
There were 12 mains to choose from but so far I have only tried 7. Will definitely be back to try some more!
Avocado Roll
If we can recall, bespoke has this dish as well! The taste is comparable and the sauce (ms veg thinks its veg teriyaki with mayo) blended perfectly.
Chinese Tea Tofu with Wheat Noodles
I was told that the broth was made from tomatoes and no additional seasoning was added. It can be a little bland but suitable for people who prefer light meals. The Radish was well cooked and Tofu had a little Chinese Tea Taste.

 Tomato Basil Spaghetti
One of the best I've had. The noodles was cooked to perfection!

 Wild Mushroom and White truffle Pizza
Served with Spinach. It has a unique lemony taste and was one of the best pizza i've had. 

 Tomato with Mozzarella Pizza
I've always loved sun-dried tomatos so this pizza is worth every bite too!

Braised Golden Brown Pumpkin with Glutinous Rice served in Hot stone 
I like the way this is presented as its unique. The glutinous rice is in a heart shape! Taste is alright, as the pumpkin is well cooked with the sauce. Note that the glutinous rice is sticky and may get stucked in your tooth :) My fav in this dish was the Mushrooms.

 Mushroom Risotto with Black Truffle
One of the best I've had! theres crispy rice crackers in this dish making it chewy and crispy at the same time. Personally I find it unique.
The Desserts
There were 4 choices and I tried all 4.
Ice Cream with Chocolate Lava Cake
The best dessert of all. But note of the sinfulness!
 Chilled Coconut Puree
If you are a coconut fan, you may like this as there's real coconut meat in it too.

 Osmanthus Flower with Grass Jelly
Natural taste, so it is suitable for people who are not into sweet stuff.

 Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce
Sour if you like it, as the raspberry sauce is freshly made.
The Drinks

Theres quite a wide selections of drinks, but i've only tried Lemongrass Tea and Lychee Green Tea.

 Strong Lemongrass taste. My Fav!

Lychee Green Tea, love the lychee fruit! (note that this is canned syrup lychee)

It has been a wonderful experience at Elemen元素. Like Ms Veg always say, as a vegetarian, I am always delighted to find new openings as that means more options for us, even though Elemen is a strong competitor to Sufood, note that they serve very different food! I wish them all the best in business and will definitely go again.
Service was good and the restaurant manager, Peter Lee, is humble and willing to listen to feedback. I enjoyed chatting with him. 

Location: Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-42A/76
Tel: 62380511 (recommended to call and make reservations)
Business Hours: 11.30AM - 4.30PM; 5.30PM - 10PM (Note of the last order timing in the namecard stated.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Green Dot @ Paya Lebar Square

Green dot has been in the market for the last couple of years and they first started business in Schools. I actually remembered them on Kiss 92 last time.
They have finally opened at Paya Lebar Square, giving Miss Veg another option to veg food since there are only 2 veg stalls in the Paya Lebar area. Ms Veg is really greatful and happy! Been eating almost once a week there!
The Shop Front
This restaurant is much bigger than the outlet at Bedok Mall, which only has limited seats.

Interior of the restaurant~ Nice!

Fridge & Food Supplies
This outlet also sells some of the mock vegetarian items and dry food supplies that one can buy home to cook.
The menu offers a lot more varieties than Bedok, serving Bento Meals, Noodles and Burgers as well.

Mi Xiang Red Tea $5
Tea leaves are from Taiwan - has a fragrance of Honey!

Tom Yum Kway Tiao Soup $6.50
I tried the Tom Yum Kway Tiao during my first time and Really love the fresh vegetables! Theres lots of ingredients and the soup is not spicy, even my nephew loves it!

Herbal Noodles Soup $7.90
Ms Veg's friend had the herbal noodles soup and she comment the soup was not oily and yummy. Again, the ingredients given are more than the noodles!

Laksa $5.90
Another friend of mine tried the Laksa and it was good too! The soup tastes just like the one from the Lotus Restaurant! 
Spicy Taiwanese Bean Paste Noodles $5.90
This is Ms Veg's favorite to date as i've never tasted noodles that good! The Konnyaku slices were chewy, and my extra chili gave it and extra kick!

Ms Veg didnt know that they currently still have stalls operating in Schools, and one of them being Ms Veg's sec sch CCHSM! Really happy to see this. We hope Green Dot Open more outlets esp. in the west to continue their love for this planet! What made an impression was the aunties working here - yes they hire many aunties/ mummies/ old uncles who spoke nicely and explain to us whats nice, and service was amazing. Note that this restaurant adopt the return your tray campaign after you are done eating which i think is ok as we do not pay service charge. 

You can even like them on Facebook, at times they like to write about their staff which I think is heart warming, the aunties are like mommies to the young guys who are the owners of this business! I look forward to more meals here! 

Location: 60 Paya Lebar Road
#02-15/16/17 Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051 
Tel: +65 67022221

Do check out their outlets on their website!